We bet you must miss the most popular RCD Silent Auction & Garage Sale that was held regularly for fundraising.

In face of the COVID-19 impacts and to reminisce the joyous time when browsing through the treasures at various fundraising sales, the RCD is bringing back the experience on-line.

We are hosting 4 live Hidden Treasures Fundraisers in November, every Tuesday from 4 to 4:30 pm. They are hosted by our popular Dave Thomson and Dina McInnes, showcasing many bargain items for your choice.

“Hidden Treasures” are items literally hidden in beautifully wrapped baskets. You can keep for yourselves, or give them out as Birthday or Christmas gifts. The pleasure of discovering the hidden treasures is priceless!

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November 3

Basket: The Other Office
  • The-Other-Office8 piece wine glass set
  • Wire display rack for wine; bottle of wine included
  • Set of 2 picture frames
  • Large black and white photograph picture with a French scene; black frame
  • Office desk supplies
  • A desk telephone; hearing aid compatible
  • Digital coin counting bank
Basket: Bake It Up
  • Silicone cookware
  • Fondue set
  • Tea towel
  • 2 Pot holders
  • Oven mitts
  • Muffin tin (for 12 muffins)
Basket: Tea Time
  • 1 package of fancy napkins
  • A glass cup set
  • 1 floral patterned plate
  • A plastic wrap dispenser
  • Hamilton Beach kettle
Basket: Play Time - For Infants 0-3 months
  • 3 pull toys
  • 1 activity play desk
  • 2 toy pianos
  • 2 wooden baby chair
  • More toys

November 10

Basket: Change It Up!
  • 1 large sunflower designed ceramic planter pot (blue background)
  • 2 candles with candle holders
  • 1 small glass serving platter
  • 1 decorative picture frame
  • 1 rotating fiber optic lamp
Basket: Quiet Time
  • Quite-Time4 piece ceramic bathroom set
  • 1 package of 4 floating flowers
  • 1 large green fancy dish
  • 1 large green pedestal candle holder with candle
Basket: Far East Fantasy 
  • 1 Oriental themed artwork on smoked glass with art piece holder
  • 1 Miniature paneled room divider with case
  • 1 Chinese charcoal for calligraphy
  • 2 Pink pillow shams with dragon theme
  • 1 Silk  duvet cover; Chinese theme
Special Items: 3 Mid-century Modern Solid Wood Dining Tables
  • WoodenDinningTable150cm width x 89cm depth x 76cm height
  • 2 pine colour, 1 walnut colour

November 17

Basket: Fashion Statement for Men 1
  • 1 neck tie
  • 1 package of 7 pairs of socks - British theme
  • 1 light blue men’s shirt; Brand G2000; Wrinkle free; size: 16/33
  • 1 light green large shirt: Brand Ben Sherman; size: 41 cm
  • 1 red button up cardigan; size: Extra Large
  • 1 Brunella Gori small/medium red pullover sweater with navy accents
Basket: Fashion Statement for Men 2
  • Onyx cuff links
  • Large face watch with black leather strap (with battery)
Basket: Fashion Statement for Women 1
  • 1 ladies pocket watch
    (battery not included)
  • 1 small Asian motif jewelry box
  • 1 Zodence brand brown leather wallet
  • 1 ladies small purse; deep blue in color
  • 2 black evening purses; Dior brand
  • 1 casual every day purse
  • 1 small turquoise purse; Michael Kors brand
  • 1 vanity mirror with halo lighting
Basket: Fashion Statement for Women 2
  • A variety of costume jewelry, for different occasions

November 24

Basket: Ho Ho Ho
  • 1 set of 2 mugs and 2 coasters
  • 3 tea lights with holders
  • 1 roll of Christmas ribbon; gold, green and red in color
  • 1 roll of Craft fabric ribbon with floral design
  • 1 Happy Holidays table cloth
  • 1 Baker teddy bear Christmas decoration
Basket: Great for Party Invites:
  • 1 Corelle baking dish
  • 5 ceramic Oriental soup bowls
Basket: Plate It Up
  • 1 Salad bowl
  • 1 decorative candle
  • 1 set of 12 crystal dinner plates
  • 2 sets of coasters


Be the first caller to place your order each day and win a bonus gift!

Take a Break
  • Lagostina1 sugar dish
  • 1 creamer
  • 10 dessert plates with ducks theme
  • Lagostina non-stick skillets; 26 cm and 30 cm
Traditional Chinese Tea Set: for 4 people
  • Chinese Tea Set
Framed Print: Black and White, 65cm H x 94cm W
  • Black White


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