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RCD News...

  • Congrats to RCD members Awarded Taekwondo Black Belt - Sep. 13, 2015
  • RCD members, Matthew Lai & Shane Johnson, will received their Taekwondo 1st Degree Black Belt at the Richmond Sirota's Alchymy Black Belt Ceremony on September 13, 2015. Together with 4 other award winners, they are members of the Sirota's Alchymy Para-Taekwondo/Therapeutic Martial Arts Program. Congratulations!


  • Benefits to Become a RCD Voting Member - Aug. 2015
  • RCD participated in 2015 Youth Now - Starting Oct. 2015
  • RCD 30th Anniversary Celebrations - Apr. to Dec. 2015
  • Nov - Dec 2015 Activity Calendars Available Now



Current & Coming Events ...


Past Events in 2015

  • RCD Offered Disability Awareness Training in Fort St. John - Nov. 12, 2015
  • The view from the aircraft was spectacular - Ella & Dina were flying to Fort St. John to deliver 2 sessions of Disability Awareness & Sensitivity Training to the taxi drivers of Teco Taxi there on Nov.12. It was very productive training and all participants enjoyed the demonstrations and hand-on practice. The town is very different from Vancouver and Richmond, very dry and cold, but sunny. On the return trip, they came back to a storm with monsoon rain.

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  • Great Participation at 2015 RCD Annual General Meeting - Nov. 10, 2015
  • RCD is celebrating its 30th Anniversary and the Annual General Meeting for Voting Members was held at the Marriott Hotel. With 42 attendees, the RCD Board presented its work in 2014-2015 during the AGM, followed by a tribute to RCD Founder Frances Clark who passed away in April 2015, then our keynote speaker Councillor Alexa Loo, City of Richmond, gave an inspirational speech on "Being a Champion in our Community".

    The event was wrapped up at around 1:30 p.m. after a sumptuous buffet lunch. Thank you all for attending the AGM and supporting the RCD. We're marching into our 31 years of existence, and need all your contributions to make RCD a better social service entity.

    Click here to view AGM Photos


  • November Anniversary Celebration: Fundraising Concert was superb - Nov. 7, 2015
  • Audiences left the concert with a warm heart and upbeat mood, it's very inspiring to see people showcasing their talents. They are good performers, excellent musicians and keen entertainers. It was the honour of RCD to have invited such a good array of musicians. Thank you for offering an enjoyable afternoon for all the guests at the RCD Fundraising Concert.

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  • RCD Awarded Organization Community Award by RCCS - Oct. 31, 2015
  • RCD hosted a Successful Federal All Candidates' debate - Oct. 7, 2015
  • Spring Back to '85 - RCD Annual Signature Gala Brought Great Excitement - Oct. 3, 2015
  • RCD hosted again another exceptional fundraising event on Oct. 3, 2015 at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel Grand Ballroom. Close to 200 guests attended the event, enjoyed the delicious dinner, won prizes and entertained by Canada's top party band - March Hare.

    The event was kicked off by Vince Miele and Mayor Malcolm Brodie giving the welcome remarks, and sponsors were recognized. Almost all of the guests gave flying review to the steak or salmon dishes served. Some guests were carried away by the fun Photo Booth, having prints on the special designed event photo frame.

    When the band came on, the whole floor was charged with excitement. The band was really talented and shared with their audiences some wonderful music from the 80's, congratulating RCD on its 30th Anniversary year.

    The RCD Mom's Dance Club made their debut and showed off their dance skills in 3 eighties' songs.

    After the lucky draw, the band returned again and many guests had a joyous time in dancing to the music. Finally everyone went home with a full stomach, lively steps and a memory to remember - well until next year!

    Click here to view Banquet Photos

    Click here to view the Fun Photos

    Click here to view the Video of Line Dance to Saturday Night Fever


  • RCD Hosted Employers' Meet & Greet to Celebrate Disability Employment Month - Sep. 21, 2015
  • RCD Inaugural Technology Fair through a Disability Lens - Aug 15, 2015
  • Thank you for all the supports from community partners, RCD members and community at large, we have had outstanding attendance at the RCD first Tech Fair on Aug. 15. Over 100 attendees visited the fair, joined the presentation and it turned out to be a huge social event for everyone. We organized four presentations at the Tech Fair and they were all very well attended. Thank you to Aroga Technologies, Assistive Technology BC, Neil Squire Society and Wolfe Mobility for bringing most useful information on technology to our attendees.

    Click here to view all Exhibitors

    Click here to view the Presentations at Tech Fair

    Click here to view the Video of Smart Car for people using wheelchair


  • RCD 2015 Second Community Hot Dog Day - Jul. 30, 2015
  • RCD Colouring Contest - Announcing 4 Winners
  • RCD 2015 First Community Hot Dog Day - Jul. 16, 2015
  • Canada Day Raffle Ticket Winner: B016
  • Community Children Creative Drawing Arts Day - Jul. 4, 2015
  • RCD at 2015 Canada Day Parade - Jul. 1, 2015
  • Chinese Support Group attended Multicultural Heritage Festival 2015 in Minoru Park - Jun. 27, 2015
  • RCD Chinese Support Group held 2015 summer picnic at South Arm Park - Jun. 20, 2015
  • RCD received over 50 guests at Doors Open Richmond - Jun. 6 & 7, 2015
  • RCD hosted successful Invisible Illness Awareness Forum - May 9, 2015
  • As part of the RCD 30th Anniversary Celebrations, the RCD hosted an Invisible Illness Awareness Forum on May 9, 2015, at the Richmond City Hall Council Chambers. Over 70 people showed up for the 3-hr event, and as most said, had an informative afternoon with keynote speaker Patty Emery and our 7 panelists (Carmen Westerheim, Daryl Luster, Heather Divine, Karen Hannah, Tsukasa Roy Sakata, Simeon Garriott & Sudha Madhuri Devi Sikha). RCD Board Chair Vince Miele was there to support the event, and the entire RCD staff team and some volunteers were the key factor the forum ran smoothly.

    Click here to view the Event Program, with presenters' biographies.

    Click here to view the Photo Gallery.

    Thank you for all attending, special thank you to Alan Hill of the City of Richmond; his support was integral to the materialization of this event.


  • Frances Clark's Celebration of Life - May 6, 2015
  • Thank you everyone who joined Frances Clark's Celebration of Life yesterday, May 6 at the Richmond Curling Club. Many old and dear friends of Frances gathered together to look at the amazing works done by Frances. We'll miss you a lot Frances.

    Click here to view Celebration of Life Program - In Memory of Frances.

    Click here for Photo Gallery.

    Here are some messages remembering Frances:

    - Letter from Mayor Malcolm Brodie, City of Richmond

    - Letter from Jennifer Larsen, a life-long friend of Frances

    - Letter from Shawn Logan, past RCD Board Member

    - A collage of messages to remember Frances


  • Congrats to RCD Board Member Jasmine Mann - Apr. 30, 2015
  • Congrats to Jasmine Mann of RCD Board! she graduated from the Youth Now Program on April 30, Eliana Chia (also an alumni) and Ella Huang from RCD were happy to be at the graduation ceremony.



  • Frances Clark: Rest In Peace - Apr. 23, 2015
  • 30th Anniversary Celebration Kick-off and Volunteer Appreciation Dinner - Apr. 22, 2015
  • It was a huge success of the RCD 30th Anniversary Celebrations Kick-off and Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on April 22. Close to 120 guests attended the event and had a good time! Photos and video clip were taken including the kick-off Ceremony, singing of National Anthem, the RCD staff performing a Mandarin song, some group photos, also award presentations to special volunteers and door prize winners. It was indeed an enjoyable occasion; recognizing volunteer for their contribution, relaxing ambience and excellent company.

    View Kick-off video clip

    View Kick-off Ceremony photos

    View dinner photos Part 1

    View dinner photos Part 2

    View dinner photos Part 3


  • Richmond Kiwanis Club Supported RCD Again - Apr. 7, 2015
  • Thank you to Bessie Fok and Bob McHale of Richmond Kiwanis Club for bringing a donation of $3,200 to the RCD on April 7, 2015. They have been a strong supporter to the RCD for many years, and we greatly appreciate their care to bring appropriate services to people with disabilities.




  • Dare to Dream Foundation Visited RCD & Brought Gifts - Mar. 25, 2015
  • Dare to Dream Foundation visited the RCD on Mar. 25 and donated many prizes for our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on April 22 and other 30th Anniversary celebrating events. The devotion of their youth leaders to make a better world for everyone is inspiring, and help us to achieve our goal. Thank you for your support!






  • VanCity Showed RCD 30th Anniversary Celebration Display - Mar. 23 to Apr. 13, 2015
  • Thank you to VanCity Richmond Community Branch on No. 3 Road for providing space for a beautiful display of the 30th Anniversary Celebrations of the RCD, and a first glimpse of the 2014 RCD Fundraising Gala - Spring Back to '85. They have also supported the RCD by becoming a Ruby Sponsor for the celebration events.





  • FS Financial Strategies co-hosted RDSP Information Sessions with RCD - Mar. 21, 2015
  • Successful information session was held on Mar. 21 on Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) with good attendance, most participant agreed that it was an information and practical session. Thank you to the FS Financial Strategies team for co-hosting a series of 4 workshops and special thank you to presenter Scott Low, founder of FS Financial Strategies, kicked off the inaugural session. The photo shows the FS team, second from the left is Mr. Scott Low.





  • RCD Chinese Support Group Hosted Festive Spring Dinner - Mar. 14, 2015
  • On March 14, 2015, the RCD Chinese Support Group hosted its annual Spring Dinner. Nearly 90 guests attended this festive event, enjoying excellent food and quality time with friends. Thank you to the hardworks of the Chinese Support Group Committee, and everyone who supported this annual event.


    Click here for Photo Gallery.



  • RCD Joined RCCS Spring Dinner - Mar. 5, 2015
  • RCD Board Chair Vince Miele, Vice Chair Tom Parker and ED Ella Huang joined Richmond Chinese Community Societyˇs Spring Dinner on March 5, 2015.





  • RCD Found Frances Clark 80th Birthday Party - Mar. 3, 2015
  • A wonderful party was held at Frances Clark's house (founder of RCD) on March 3 to celebrate her 80th birthday. Many good friends and guests came to this special early open-house party; lots of good fun, reminiscence of the good old times, delicious foods and beautiful birthday cake. Frances said THANK YOU to all her friends, she had a most fantastic time seeing everyone.






  • RCD Strategic Planning - Jan. 30, 2015
  • RCD held a strategic plannign session for staff and board on Jan. 30, 2015. It was a very productive meeting, with keen enthusisam from all stakeholders. Thank you Councillor Alexa Loo and John Foster from City of Richmond joined our meeting and provided valuable inputs.


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