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CASS Youth Interns

Industry Canada's CASS YI receives funding from Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) annually to hire youth between the ages of 15 to 30. Youth are hired either through the Summer Work Experience stream or the Career Focus stream:

  1. Summer Work Experience targets students who were in school prior to the internship and who are planning to return to school full-time after the internship. Funding from the Summer Work Experience Stream may be spent in the summer, fall or winter; and
  2. Career Focus stream targets high-school graduates that have some post-secondary education.

Youth work as interns at CASS Sites across Canada, helping individuals, community organizations and small businesses improve their knowledge and effective use of the Internet and related information technologies. Specific activities may include:

  1. Delivering Internet training sessions;
  2. Researching and developing Web sites;
  3. Drafting publicity materials;
  4. Organizing information fairs and special events; and
  5. Providing technical support to the CASS site.


The CASS Team

RCD Youth Internship Program (Nov 2016 - Mar 2017)


Welcome these two energetic, creative and enthusiastic young people joined our lovely diverse family.

Karanbir as a software Engineering Intern will help us to write, update, and maintain computer programs and expand our existing program in case of new requirement needed.

Sophia as an Assistive Technology Technician will assist in training, supporting participants and deliver presentations on Assistive Technology as part of our AT team.



We are excited and look forward to seeing them socialize in events and getting more involved in this community.