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Celebrating Our Impact
Infographics Showcasing Our Achievements


Welcome to our website, where we proudly present the incredible work achieved by our non-profit organization in assisting individuals with disabilities. We are delighted to share with you a series of powerful infographics that vividly depict the remarkable progress we have made over the past several years. These infographics were meticulously crafted by our dedicated volunteer , whose invaluable contributions have brought our statistics to life.


Infographics: Visualizing Our Achievement

Our infographics serve as captivating visual representations of the tremendous impact we have had on the lives of individuals with disabilities. Through engaging charts, graphs, and compelling illustrations, we highlight key statistics, including participant attendance, volunteer hours, and staff working hours. These eye-catching infographics provide an accessible and engaging way for you to understand the immense strides our organization has taken.


Participant Attendance:

Discover the significant increase in the number of individuals actively participating in our programs and events. Our participant attendance infographic showcases the growing reach and impact of our organization, capturing the remarkable expansion of our supportive community. This visual representation celebrates the inclusivity and empowerment we have fostered among individuals with disabilities.


Volunteer Hour Contribution:

Behind our success lies the unwavering dedication and commitment of our exceptional volunteers. Our volunteer hours infographic proudly displays the substantial increase in volunteer contributions over the past several years. These selfless individuals have generously donated their time, skills, and compassion to empower and uplift those with disabilities. Join us in acknowledging and appreciating the collective effort of these extraordinary individuals.


Serving Visitor Hours:

In addition to showcasing our annual progress, we also want to highlight the consistent efforts put forth by our volunteers throughout the year. Jinghe has meticulously compiled the Total Service Units by month, representing the services rendered from January 2020 to November 2022. Each service unit represents 30 minutes of devoted assistance to our cause. This infographic offers a comprehensive overview of the unwavering commitment and dedication displayed by our volunteers, emphasizing the impact we make on a month-to-month basis.


Total Service Units by Month:

Our commitment to serving individuals with disabilities extends beyond our program participants. The serving visitor hours infographic highlights the significant increase in the time dedicated to providing support and assistance to visitors seeking guidance and information. This growth reflects our organization's dedication to being a resource for the community and fostering an inclusive environment for all.


Comparison of Attendance of Activities:

Our organization offers a wide range of activities designed to cater to the diverse needs and interests of our participants. The third infographic created by Jinghe illustrates the attendance of these activities over the years. By employing a unique visualization technique, the size of the Activity Titles corresponds to the number of participants each year. Larger titles indicate activities with higher participation rates, showcasing the incredible engagement and popularity of our offerings. It is through the collective effort of our volunteers, participants, and supporters that we have been able to create a vibrant and inclusive community.


Acknowledging Jinghe Zhang:

We firmly believe in the power of numbers and the stories they tell. These infographics stand as a testament to our growth, impact, and commitment to our cause. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Jinghe Zhang from Walnut Grove Secondary School for their invaluable assistance in creating these visually stunning representations. His dedication and expertise have allowed us to effectively communicate our achievements to the public.