Metro Vancouver Taxi Bill of Right

Despite the HandyDART strike is over now, it brings up the importance of understanding your right as a taxi passenger, and the ways to make complaint or comment, when using taxi services to get around town.


The Ministry of Transportation has developed a Taxi Bill of Rights. The Bill is a statement of principles, outlining expectations of both taxi drivers and passengers. The purpose of the Taxi Bill of Rights is to improve taxi service in Metro Vancouver.


If you have any feedbacks or concerns regarding taxi services in Metro Vancouver, there are various avenues to tackle the issues, such as telephone and web-based services through the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority, which operates a toll free comment line 1-888-564-9964, email address, and a complaint form on their website (, where information can be sent in writing. They will receive, respond to, track and then refer people as necessary with comments or concerns to the appropriate body for resolution.


Click here to view general info of the Taxi Bill of Rights.

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