The year 2010 marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of the RCD. As part of our celebration and in keeping with our overall aim to create more awareness about accessibility in our community and the role of people with disabilities, we plan to kick off a series of activities to commemorate this occasion throughout the year.

2010 Celebration Calendar:

We welcome you to come and support our celebration by participating in events and activities. We look forward to more opportunities to meet, hear and partner with community members like you, with common goals to heighten awareness to disability issues and to promote full inclusive community. We also thank you wholeheartedly for your continuous support of the RCD; you are part of our successes and achievements, past, present and future.


Celebrating RCD’s 25th Anniversary Poem

The RCD is celebrating the year 2010, all full of smiles,
with friends and volunteers, too,
To remember what we’ve done,
All the years that we’ve been through.

It’s a great pleasure to know the people we serve
The words we’ll hear today,
The admiration, thanks and praise
That’s inspired all of us each day.

For twenty-five years, we’ve walked the walk
Of commitment and respect,
Now let’s take some time
To look back and reflect.

It all began in 1985, Frances Clark was one of them,
Arlen Johnson was there as a “close friend,”
Then Vince joined the gang, and for him,
That’s what he’ll stay till the end.

In 2000 the set up of a Centre nobody was quite sure
But our persistence changed people’s mind,
We built a centre with much to give,
So thoughtful, sincere and kind.

People visited us often throughout the years,
We “packed” as many activities as we knew how,
Sharing joy and pain for all those hours
Serving people with disabilities is our vow!

Then came the day, so filled with joy,
The first of April to remember,
A new location, a brand new name,
And the grand opening was 2008 September.

But work is only one part of
What makes our lives here complete,
Growing along with friends and family
Has made Board and Staff replete.

Our team also looks beyond its four walls,
Helping others at every opportunity,
The energy, kindness, generosity, too,
Make RCD leaders in their community.

Happy 25th Anniversary RCD!