RCD Fundraising Calendar Event – Dec 2010

Fundraising_CalendarThe RCD conducted a Calendar Fundraiser to raise funds for the RCD Youth Group’s activities from September to December 2010. The Calendar is produced from Jason Tang’s artworks, and is exclusive for the RCD.  

Jason Tang spent over two years to complete all the paintings for the calendar and his family supports his dream of producing a calendar with his works.

 As an artist, Jason shows exemplary talents in his paintings – the way he looks at the world and people around him, and how he portrays people who are important to him or have made a difference in his life are extraordinary colourful and vibrant.

 As a person with mental illness, Jason demonstrates remarkable perseverance in facing and overcoming constant struggles with his relapses, medications and worst of all, the stigmatization. Nonetheless he shows great courage and the support he has from his family, particularly his mother Tina, is tremendous.

We congratulate Jason for his great works, and thank him and his family in donating the calendars to the RCD for fundraising purpose. All the proceeds of the calendar fundraiser will go to support the activities of the RCD Youth Group.

RCD Youth Group Mission – to provide youth with disabilities with training opportunities in Independent Living skills and self advocacy, leadership building, knowledge of civic responsibilities and a hands-on experience in making a difference in the community.


 Thank you for your support!