Canada LogoThe RCD provides assistance on RDSP account opening and related issues of RDSP for individuals and families; funding for these information sessions is provided by the Government of Canada (Ces séances d'information sont financées par le gouvernement du Canada).
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Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

The RDSP is a new federally registered savings plan that is delivered by the Canada Revenue Agency. It is designed to ensure long-term financial security for people with disabilities. Beneficiaries may receive the added benefit of government grants and bonds. The RDSP, grant and bond are an initiative of the Government of Canada. Richmond Centre for Disability (RCD) encourages people to apply for RDSP. This savings plan aligns with the Independent Living philosophy encouraging people with disabilities to plan for their long term financial security and the future costs of disability needs.


RDSP’s Statement of Entitlement

Beneficiaries with Shortened Life Expectancies

Unused Grant and Bond entitlements: “The carry-forward measure”

Rollover of retirement funds into an RDSP

Click here for Fact Sheet 1: What is an RDSP?
Click here for Fact Sheet 2: Canada Disability Savings Grants and Bonds
Click here for Fact Sheet 3: Impact on other Federal & Provincial Government Programs
Click here for Fact Sheet 4: Withdrawal and Tax Implications
Click here for info on Disability Tax Credit (DTC)
Click here for “Open an RDSP” Checklist
Click here for Fact Sheet on Carry Forward & Roll Over

Click here to download the Application forms for Canada Disability Savings Grants and/or Canada Disability Saving Bond (Choose the Tab "Forms" after the link opened)

Click here to view BC Coalition of People with Disabilities’ RDSP Online Guide.

Government RDSP Brochure is also produced in the following alternate formats, available upon request from the RCD:

For more information and registration please contact:
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