Richmond 3D Workshop - Jan 19, 2011

3DOn January 19th, 2011, the RCD Youth Group had an interactive workshop with Richmond in 3D (Diversity, Dialogue and Drama) on the theme inclusiveness and stereotyping. 15 members and staff from RCD participated in this 3-hour workshop.

The workshop started with name telling, sharing feelings and getting to know the group. After this, we did playback theatre. In this activity the participants share their experiences and feelings. The Richmond in 3D team retells the story through drama. The actors of Richmond in 3D visualized the stories with wonderful and dramatic acting. It was great to see!

3DWe also did some sounds and music playing. After that, the participants were divided into 3 small groups. With the guidance and help of 3 Richmond in 3D actors per group, every group had a discussion and created their own short playback theatre. The group plays were a great success and they all won much applause.

The Youth Group members enjoyed the workshop a lot! Everybody was enthusiastic, learned new perspectives and made new friends. This workshop promoted self advocacy and civic responsibility as a citizen of the community, which are core values in the mission of the RCD Youth Group. Mural

Thanks to our participants and Richmond in 3D for making this a successful workshop!

Move your mouse hover the picture on right side to enlarge the Mural from the Youth Workshop, produced by Richmond in 3D.