RCD Youth Group




The RCD Youth Group is an integral part of the RCD Youth Engagement & Achievement Project (YEA). The purpose of the project is to promote, encourage, assist and provide opportunities to youth with disabilities to have more active engagement with the community. The RCD Youth Group is governed by a Youth Council.

RCD Youth Group & Youth Council

Guided by the Youth Council, the RCD Youth Group provides a place for youth with disabilities to comfortably making transition into adulthood and has the opportunity to engage and socialize in activities and events.


The Youth Group will focus on asset building, decision making towards a healthy lifestyle, as well as self determination and nurturing friendships. This is an excellent opportunity for youth with disabilities to gain valuable skills, knowledge and experience, while at the same time have fun, make friends, and get involved in the community.


Members of the Youth Council will be the voice of the Youth Group members, and will have influence on the planning of activities, skill development and issue topics to be addressed.


Youth Group Structure

There are three components of the Youth Group – Youth Council, Peer Support & Leadership, and General Members.


The direction of the Youth Council is guided by the mission of the RCD Youth Group as well as strategic planning developed to achieve the goals.


Youth Goals


Peer Support & Leadership

Leadership begins with ownership. Fundamentally each person leads a life. Even as simple as a decision to do or not do something, we are leading ourselves. A lifestyle of active ownership leads to more interactions among people and serves as a beginning of influencing the life of each other.


Fulfilment of Civic Responsibilities

Everyone is a citizen and a part of the society; a better knowledge of the civic responsibilities will enable more effective engagement in different aspects of civic right and the civic process.

Making a Difference in the Community

The very core purpose of creating social engagement, having a better understanding of civic responsibilities, and leading a more initiating lifestyle, is to make a better place we are living in, thus making a difference in the community.



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