The RCD Interim Relocation Fundraising Campaign is particularly important to the RCD for 2024. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we urgently need to relocate our center temporarily, by May 31, 2024, to ensure the continued delivery of our essential programs and services. This interim relocation is vital to avoid any interruption in the support we provide to our participants, who rely on us for a wide range of services, including information and referral, skills development, peer support, and community engagement. We welcome any support by purchasing any fundraising products and/or making a donation. Your contribution, no matter the size, will be greatly appreciated and will help us reach our fundraising goal.


  • Make a generous donation to the RCD via the Zeffy platform here.
  • Or support RCD fundraising products, including Together We Care fundraising T-shirts, art exhibits by our members and volunteers, as well as ice-cream coupons.
  • Visit RCD or call 604-232-2404 for more information or give donations or make purchase.

image of RCD Interim Relocation poster, a clickable image to go to a pdf version for screen reader

About the RCD:
We are a not-for-profit organization located in Richmond, BC; serving Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. The RCD is committed to creating opportunities to empower people of all abilities to participate confidently with dignity in their community and achieve independence to their fullest capabilities. We offer a friendly environment to provide information, resources, training and support, as well as increase public awareness and promote universal accessibility.

About Zeffy:
Zeffy (formerly Simplyk) is a free payment platform for Canadian charities and non-profit organizations with a social cause. They provide a totally free donation and fundraising platform, that means 100% of donations received go directly to the RCD. They process all transactions through Stripe, which are certified PCI Level 1 compliant - the highest level of payment certification. Zeffy will issue receipts for tax purposes to all donors; they do not contact donors on any other occasion.

Tips About Making Donations with Zeffy:
On confirming your donation, Zeffy would ask for a donation for their plafform. It is entirely at your discretion to donate to them or not; despite by default they set the donation level of 5% of your donation. The drop-down choices are 2%, 3%, 5% and Other. When choosing "Other", you can enter your contribution in the dollar amount, or $0 to bypass this step.

Take a look at the total amount of donation before clicking the "DONATE" button.

We thank Zeffy for providing a free platform for our online donations, and appreciate your support for their good cause.