(A) To improve the independence and quality of life of people with disabilities in the community by:

- Increasing awareness through education, by providing educational sessions, workshops and events

- Being a source of information on matters related to people with disabilities

- Identifying the needs of people with disabilities and the issues that impact them in the community

(B) To act as a voice for people with disabilities

(C) To facilitate or undertake projects, such as an information and resource centre, programs or services as may be required to achieve the mission of the organization


- Members spent nearly 30,000 hours at the RCD for activities, visits and appointments

- Average 1,348 enquires per month for 1-on-1 serivce

- 6 weekly skills development activities, registered 1,074 participants

- 9 weekly recreational activities, registered 2,575 participants

- Active volunteers contributed 5,168 volunteer hours with RCD activities

- Produced 166 videos on RCD ShareNet on YouTube, registered 16,413 views in total

RCD Fundraising T-Shirt Poster: RCD and You - Together We Care. Sale Price: $25 each. All proceeds to RCD will be used to provide more needed services to people with various disabilities.

About Zeffy:
Zeffy (formerly Simplyk) is a free payment platform for Canadian charities and non-profit organizations with a social cause. They provide a totally free donation and fundraising platform, that means 100% of donations received go directly to the RCD. They process all transactions through Stripe, which are certified PCI Level 1 compliant - the highest level of payment certification. Zeffy will issue receipts for tax purposes to all donors; they do not contact donors on any other occasion.

Tips About Making Donations with Zeffy:
On confirming your donation, Zeffy would ask for a donation for their plafform. It is entirely at your discretion to donate to them or not; despite by default they set the donation level of 5% of your donation. The drop-down choices are 2%, 3%, 5% and Other. When choosing "Other", you can enter your contribution in the dollar amount, or $0 to bypass this step.

Take a look at the total amount of donation before clicking the "DONATE" button.

We thank Zeffy for providing a free platform for our online donations, and appreciate your support for their good cause.